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4.14.20 TSL Thrives With An App During COVID-19

TSL Thrives With An App During COVID-19

Written by Anwar Curtis
Do you consider yourself a faithful #Lounger? I mean like, an “every third Sunday” type of omnivore? Are you the type who loves being in an environment where fashion, laughter, and R&B hits all have the ability to conjure some of your favorite memories? Where the songs make you remember your first Love Jones, doing the Humpty dance at every cookout, missing Big Mama's Soulfood, and Knocking Boots so good that it almost resulted in conception! If this is you then I’m sure the effects of Miss Corona have left you on edge. I mean sure, many of us are looking forward to the change of pace that the second and third quarters of 2020 will continue to bring (working from home, binge watching tv, spending some much needed time alone or with family *who all live under the same roof* and a timely stimulus check). But for you dedicated #Loungers who love partaking in “The Singer’s Lounge Sundays” well this pandemic may hit a little different.

Whenever a “Singer’s Lounge Sunday” is postponed, a sunken vibe of dejection rumbles throughout Central PA. This feeling is felt not only by the locals who love to patronize this event, but also by many of The Singer’s Lounge’s alum who possess a unique affinity for the experience. The Singer’s Lounge (TSL) grants everyone in attendance an opportunity to escape from the hardships of their daily routine and delve into a world full of music that takes them on a journey where the destination is somewhere sentimental. There, at TSL, aspiring singers belt out classic chords to nostalgic tunes and are embraced by the crowd regardless of their musical background or accolades. But with non-essential establishments being closed (thanks to Miss Corona), how could the creative minds behind TSL continue to serve its audience? Well, simply by creating… duh!

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Two of TSL’s heavy-hitters have found a way to keep the spirit alive. Airis Smallwood and Jamelle “Nova” Noon are OGs in the game. Each and every “Singer’s Lounge Sunday” the two alum bring everything they have to TSL stage. They electrify the crowd in a way that naturally commands your participation. You can’t help but jump out of your seat when these two start their melodies and harmonies! Their spectacular song selections, one-of-a-kind vocal-runs, and powerful stage presence always leave you looking forward to their next performance. But with all the anticipation of seeing these two and countless other brilliant artists, how could they keep the momentum going during the shutdown? These master performers took matters into their own hands and familiarized themselves with an app called Voisey. Voisey is an app that connects singers, songwriters, artists, and producers through collaborative songwriting so they can continue to record, publish and share their art. The art that faithful #Loungers so desire to hear.

Nova’s first video clip was a snippet of an original song. If you know anything about Central PA’s infatuation with Nova, you know that many people have been anticipating more of his original music since his 2012 “Mirror Mirror” song release. The spirited guitar riff in this snippet left Nova more than enough room for his voice to become its own soulful instrument, one of the things he is best known for. Now, as the woman who birthed TSL, Airis knows exactly how to put on a show! She recreated TSL’s experience via social media by covering one of her favs by Aaliyah, “Come Over”. Like Nova, Airis is taking full advantage of this app by showcasing her vocal range and arrangements (which could be influenced by her gospel and neo-soul roots).

Airis and Nova found a way to keep the TSL experience going during the COVID-19 pandemic. They rose to the occasion and that’s super dope. One can only imagine what other creative tricks these two have up their sleeves with this app and which other TSL alum will partake!

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