Tuesday, October 1, 2013


He use to have a loud heart but from past experiences
and certain vibes he received from some of his peer's
JAO's heart seems to speak low these last few years. 

However all that has changed and with his first solo Mixtape 
"Something's Killing JAO"
 as a listener  one will have the chance to fully understand
why such a strong minded Man spits the content that he does. 

Something's Killing JAO
will be released
Thanksgiving Day 2013
 but no need to wait that long.

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Twitter: @theofficialjao
Instagram: @theofficialjao

 In collaberation with the community organiztion R.O.S.E,
LevelsReadyEnt got a chance to spend a some time with JAO and put the
 together and allowed JAO to reflect on his journey as an
Artist/Emcee and talked about his childhood and life.


A little background on the meaning behind the L.I.F.E initiative, R.O.S.E stands for the Re-Introduction of the Successful Entrepreneur, but entrepreneur does not hold the normal meaning of the business use for it, we use it as an Entrepreneur of ones life. Then we take the word L.I.F.E and that stands for Lifestyle Invested For Empowerment, which means something someone does in life is empowering another individual and they may not even know it, so a person is living a R.O.S.E L.I.F.E.

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