Monday, December 2, 2013

Bar Raiser: Flash "Billion Dollar Feelings"


Some use to refer to him as "Mr. Wonderful Babe" more know him as "Flash Amorosos' but finally after taking a small solo hatius, Star Enterprises own Flash "The Jeweler" has finally got a feeling worth more than a billion word, even a billion dollars. On Novemeber 26th Flash dropped his latest Solo project " Billion Dollar Feelings" and everything from his wardrobe to his sound is nothing less than the title a billion dollars and Flash has completely matured as a man and artist. This project has been in the making for some time now. In 2011 Flash dropped the first record of this project entitled"Ponytail" Produced by Brandon Lee which was a complete new sound for the Indie artist coming straight out of West Philly. Many knew once that dropped Mr. Wonderful was working on a project that would surpass many expectations. 2012, Flash got a little personal with his small documentary entitled "I Hate Nigga's" where he opened the eyes of his fans and collides and broke down exactly why he felt that way towards not just one particular race but all races in general. Now the suit tailored, cigar smoking and champagne sipping artist is ready for everyone to tune in and feel the same feeling he's had for some time now. It's all about That Billiion Dollar Feeling Babe, and why its a Bar Raiser!!!!!

Flash: Billon Dollar Feelings

Billion Dollar Feelings Tracklist

Video: Ponytail

Produced By: Brandon Lee

Directed By: Fun Zach Films

Documentary: I Hate Niggas

Directed By: Fun Zach Films