Monday, January 3, 2022

May your next move be your best move ~ Signed, Debatable Decisions Podcast

May your next move be your best move 

Signed, Debatable Decisions Podcast

Written By: Staff Writer

๐Ÿ“ท Connie Hobbs

Providing content that generates conversations, increases cultural understanding, and pushes the needle instead of pulling it has always been the catalyst behind Levels Ready Entertainment telling stories of individuals and collaborating with entities with the same nichรจ. This part of our journey is unforgettable because a concept hit our algorithm that will help create an oratory experience in 2022 that also checked all of our boxes on why we create content that you just read in the previous sentence.

๐Ÿ“ท Levels Ready Ent

There comes a time in a person's life when he or she makes a decision to finally bet on themselves, despite how unfamiliar that feeling feels or the anxiety that is sometimes attached to this action. For Corey Scales, owner of You&Eye Entertainment, that decision was made twice. The first time happened in 2017 when Corey chose to step back from everything and almost everyone to make sense of his past to manifest a "Prolifik" future for himself. For the next four years, Corey's main focus would be loving on his family and watching an industry innovate thanks to YouTube University. The second time happened in 2021, when Corey realized his voice is his vehicle, and every consequence in his life actually established profound wisdom that would help save many in the village and tribe. Instead of tearing down his community and those around him, Corey's consequences were restructured to become bold proclamations of experiences that would provide wisdom to uplift the village and tribe, this is important, especially when building spiritually.

๐Ÿ“ท Tyresha Vaughan - Blanding

Now, hopefully, you are already hip to the Debatable Decisions Podcast, but if not, it's all good. This is the concept created by Corey Scales that Levels Ready Ent. had to not only keep on our algorithm but yours as well. Debatable Decisions Podcast is a platform that enables show hosts Corey Scales, QueteePie, and A.C. the MaYoR the opportunity to laugh, love, and learn amongst one another. It also gives guests like Grammy-nominated multi-platinum music producer Agenee, business owner Avery Cloud Jr., and the Prince of Fashion himself, Mike B, and others the opportunity to share their life's experiences with an audience who loves culture and is empathic to language. We all know how to make decisions, but making a great decision is an art form, and we are glad Corey Scales decided to live in his purpose and allow Levels Ready Ent. the ability to educate through entertainment with the Debatable Decisions Podcast. And as a content-based family, we all hope you enjoy season one.

To watch the first episode of Debatable Decisions Podcast ft. Mike B. "The Prince of Fashion" click here  (and like the page lol).

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