Friday, September 30, 2016

9/30/16 #InTheMixMonday: "Quad" (A Chop Mosley Film) Movie Review

Fresh Friday: "Quad" A Chop Mosley Film 

Written by Anwar Curtis

In order to get a message across many find creative ways to story tell. This is a theory Chop Mosley practices daily. Most may be familiar with Mr. Mosley’s music video production credits with company Film Mob but in this film sharing writing credits with Rebecca Coins he takes a different approach with this independent film entitled ("Quad".)

Curiosity and temptation are two characteristics many couples may think about daily. Due to relationships having boundaries most couples keep their thoughts just as that “thoughts” by only making love to their mate. When it comes to Andre played by Fransisco Josesph and Stephanie played by Jada Pyatt having platonic relationships is a boundary they cross often because of their swinger lifestyle. During their opening scene, the two lovers discuss who they would like to add to their twosome relationship and interesting enough they suggest the couple next door. Candice played by Cynthiana Vassor and boyfriend Chris played by Costello Cary seem to have it all together. Cynthiana is a full time medical student and Chris is your casual Uber driver. Neither lover could expect the seductive yet questionable turn their relationship would take after Stephanie’s plan to warm up to Chris through conversation one evening followed by Andre answering a house call made by Cynthiana.

Finding out that the person you love has been cheating on you is an issue many couples can not stomach. However willing to share your partner sexually is another issue within itself. The storyline was well done by Chop and Rebecca. Although everyone in the movie are in love with their significant other, agreeing to share their partners and having the discipline not to possess any emotion is another ball game. The magnetism Fransisco, Jada, Costello, and Cynthiana demonstrated on set is amazing throughout the movie. The foundation Chop Mosley and Rebecca Coins created for this film is also outstanding. This film is well deserving of a watch and a conversation.