Friday, June 16, 2017

6/16/17 #FreshFriday Thelonius "1990 Somethin

Fresh Friday

Written By Lhayana Dallas

It's human nature to trust seldomly. Although, skeptic in our own rights; we often chest pass trust to music--blindly. Demanding it to take us out of ourselves, recovering us from whatever ruins we found ourselves in, restoring all hurt, and playing as a time machine-- reconnecting us to a memory; to that first time-- that first heartbreak, that first victory, accomplishment, disappointment and loss. And what we know about time and it's inconsiderate thrust forward, dragging us with it, is it leaves beautiful art forms in its tracks, music being one of them.

Time, under a rare occurrence allows music to defy the nonexistence of time travel, which is evident between the time: 0:00 and 4:18 or so; Thelonius took us back to, “1990 somethin,’” using his childhood during the 90’s as a historical muse. His crisp lyrics and constant flow punch the beat precisely, ending each verse with a pause like a biblical “Selah” at the end of a psalm; and there, we are forced to reflect on his nostalgic inspiration. While those who were born in the mid 80’s and early 90’s take the “ride down memory lane:” “[Remembering] the summer’s eve when you had to ride your bike/[Remembering] them skies up in the park try’na fly a kite/ Remembering] to wash away them bites with that Italian ice. . .” And those who weren't granted that great gift, trust Thelonius’ words alone: “what a time to be alive. . .”

During this revolutionary Era, what most refer to as the “Golden age Hip Hop,” Thelonius doesn't hesitate to let us know “props” go to “. . . Biggie to the allure/ of Tupac Amaru Shakur/ illmatic in ‘94. . .” Since the great 90’s, Hip Hop has been straddling a fish line. Luckily, the greatest hip hop artists of the era created beautiful masonry--laying brick and stone for present-day rappers but the torch was gifted then rejected: “veterans show no support/ to Uzti Vert and lil’ Yachty. . .” Naturally, there's division within everything-- an opposing side of a generation that feels they are inclined intellectuals who believe “reinventing the wheel” or possessing a remnant of things before, is what's best for all generations ahead, but according to Thelonius, “. . . there's always going to be a balance/ what it is is what it be/ but I did this for my N***** who been sleep since ‘93/ Wu-Tang forever.” As an influential Artist Thelonius has placed himself in the position to aid the connection between the authentic origin of hip hop and its inevitable evolution.
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  1. Great article! I love how you use the lyrics as a metaphor to support your point!