Tuesday, December 27, 2022

A Non-Profit Breathes Life Into Documentary By Giving Students A Voice Post Pandemic

A Non-Profit Breathes Life Into Documentary By Giving Students A Voice Post Pandemic

Written by: Staff Writer

When an organization wants to gain clarity about a specific topic, creating a program for a particular demographic to be seen and heard is the assignment. HERO; a non-profit based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that services Black youth and people of color; understood that very assignment and created an opportunity in 2022 for students to share their experience, post-pandemic.

Founder Chiwishi Joy-Abney noticed how much air time adults received due to the many deficits that COVID-19 caused. Being a mother of two, Joy-Abney also saw how her two daughters and their peers were impacted by COVID-19. Joy-Abney knew how necessary it would be to carve out a moment in time for Black students and POC to verbalize their pandemic experiences. Social distancing, remote learning, and systematic racism were all pockets that created unfair circumstances and many Black youth and POC are still healing from it. Still, light always shines bright at the end of every tunnel.


On January 15, 2023, HERO will premiere its first documentary entitled: Young and Black : Post Pandemic; at the Hyatt House in Philadelphia. On this evening students will celebrate surviving the pandemic. Students will also have the opportunity to acknowledge all of their individual and collective accomplishments with big prom-style energy and HERO will also be awarding ten new students the Virgil James Sr. HERO Scholarship Award. It is no surprise how devasting the past two years have been for everyone, but more importantly Black youth and POC and in 2023 it is time to listen, learn and heal because young people are depending on it. 

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