Friday, May 1, 2020

5.1.20 Clap for Cody Burt with his Creative Azz

Clap for Cody Burt with his Creative Azz

📸 Cody Burt

Inspired by Issa Rae, four years ago a creative decided to create his own content with his own abilities no matter how challenging the idea. Two of those challenges were creating something relatable as well as steady checking to see how many likes and views his content attracted daily, which is a vice many social media users easily get caught up in. Apparently, for Cody Burt, he got over the analytics gag quick and started appreciating his work for what it was, a channel that everyone could connect to while highlighting his own personality and experiences. 

I think it is also safe to say Cody found his niche after once he started to participate in VEDA (Video Every Day In April). VEDA is a series that is recorded in April and this year Cody took on a new challenge thanks to Ms. Rona. Burt found a way to document his life in 31 days, don’t ask me how or when 31 days happened during the month of April. Despite this new calendar year created by Cody the experience, is one you don’t want to miss. In fact, I learned a lot about Cody, and below are examples. I hope you enjoy. 

P.S. His playlist for this series is hella Black and hella fire!

1/30 We are really on lockdown.

2/30 Spaghetti and fish do so go together and thanks to Cody, we all had to read that girls tweet.

3/30 How do you fix church fans being so underrated...the resurrection of Cody Burt.

4/30 The Players Club is definitely a Black Cinematic Azz Classic and if we are all being honest Ronnie and Tricks were for sure the first City Girls.

5/30 How do you still miss communion when church is being streamed and the Club Quarantine was shut down!

6/30 Best advice I heard all month...enjoy your blessing (eat Ezekiel Bread) and refrain from yelling unless you are discussing who makes the best Potato Salad, Black Culture, and Banana Pudding.

7/30 Cody wrote a chapter book in high school entitled Kill Jill to escape life’s nuttery.

8/30) Despite what the world may think, we all don’t eat Watermelon, like POWER, and eat other people’s food.

9/30 Cody lies when he does not want to leave the house.

10/30 Cody hates drawing on dressers...go unless he’s drawing on a siblings dresser, then he’s all in and will liiiiiiie!

11/30 Wendy’s Croissants look weird but the taste good...IDK!

12/30 Somebody better give Shelea her Grammy for her role in The Clark Sisters.

13/30 Eddie edited it.

14/30 Cody can start his very own Black Azz Library.

15/30 Cody’s best-kept secret is Kill Jill not having a second chapter.

16/30 There is a second chapter in Kill Jill...please stop lying to us, Cody.

17/30 Cody enjoys harmonizing about Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

18/30 Question of the Day for all us saints and sinners...did you get away with it.

19/30 Cody still makes popcorn on the stovetop...AMAZING!

20/30 Cody’s dream came true and sung with the Clark Sisters and somehow still ended up feuding with one of them.

21/30 If Cody hasn’t taught you anything in April hopefully you will remember this, be selective when picking a shopping cart while being Black.

22/30 Cody’s mom is ill with her camera game.

23/30 If you are wondering how Popeye’s could have a chicken sandwich shortage, well just thank the city of Baltimore for that.

24/30 Cody’s virtual happy hours stay lit!!!

25/30 Cody misses church more than he knows.

26/30 How can you not like something that you haven’t seen yet?

27/30 I don’t think Cody is the Clark Sisters biggest fan.

28/30 Harrisburg has a rich musical heritage.

29/30 This is a two-part rejoice.

29.5/30 If you are confused just watch.

31/30 Cody is so damn creative that he found a way to create an extra day in April for content purposes only.

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