Monday, April 13, 2020

4-12-20 Kizzle's Here By Popular Demand

Kizzle's Here By Popular Demand

📸 by @tannerhench

Written by Anwar Curtis

One thing is for certain and two things are for sure #QuarantineAndChill is a hashtag that will go down in history and

If you’re like over 80,000 other people on the planet, hi-speed internet and rap lyrics are your void fillers during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the musical battles hosted by your favorite songwriters to lyric challenges on a multitude of social media outlets, the volume of in-home entertainment right now is exhilarating. Between the months of March and April, an abundance of lyrical challenges (Cold Summer, No Beat Just 32 Bars, Emotionally Scarred) flooded news feeds daily. This gave backpackers, trap-rappers, and “Hot Girls'' across the globe the ability to produce consistent content and connect with their followers through music all while taking heed to their state governor’s social distancing instructions. While self-recording verses is an undoubtedly dope artform that conjures instant attention, we as a creative culture must not disregard the incomparable feelings that quality, innovative music videos awaken in us.

Kizzle is an artist who respects all the intricacies of song making. He loves honing his craft as a musician and because of his especially profound love for writing, it was no surprise that he took full advantage to practice his skill by participating in every social media challenge he could. Kizzle gave his digital network of fans and strangers alike bars like, (way before a youngin’ got to shine I seen a lot of rain/ I know what Ima bring/ I know that Ima king) and (just because I’m singing all the time don’t mean I can’t rap/ Ima do it all y’all/ watch a n**** ball y’all/ 5 ft 6 but I’m still big dawg y’all). However, his most recent music video entitled “Don’t Fold”, Kizzle seems to set himself apart in a higher artistic direction by getting back to the basics. Music videos.

The ”Don’t Fold” video takes on a sleek and eclectic concept that captivates the viewer and drowns them in nuance (a forever refreshing characteristic of visuals that are shot and edited by Keyzus). Colors explode out of the frames but not so much as to hush the perfectly casted scenes. Each transition complements the next. It’s a sight that reinvigorates the ”tired of the timeline” viewer. Kizzle also incorporates the creative direction of culture curator and dancer “Shelly If Ya Nasty” to assist with the vision. One might suggest that his content is vulnerable with lines like (don’t fold on a youngin’/ and if it all falls down just stay down for a youngin’/ stay strong) and (I’ll put it all on the line for you/ I’ll die for you/ I will never ever lie to you/ just don’t lie to me). Even if that’s true, that is certainly not a diss to Kizzle. It’s actually praise! You see, an artist being vulnerable is simply them being true to themselves and it doesn’t get any more real than that. Anyone seeking a little TLC during this lockdown should start searching for the same qualities that Kizzle embodies in this song.

So, take this time in history to #QuarantineAndChill responsibly with the “Don’t Fold” video lol. Embrace current trends AND pay homage to the timeless essence of the classic “music video”. Be sure to follow @lulkizzle, @keyzusdadon and @shellyifyanasty while you’re at it!