Thursday, July 25, 2019

7-26-19 #FreshFriday "Bars Matter"

Bars Matter

Written By Anwar Curtis (@acthemayor)

He wants chicken pull them sticks iskaba/they my sons always in they mouth, Maury get the swab - Wiggs

All I care about is paychecks, family, and safe sex/and I don’t make threats if I say it is a safe bet - Mobbo

Capris classic flow Capeesh these geeks cannot compare so I don’t compete - Cordell

All these h*** say I’m dope they want to get injected/these niggas want me out the game tryna get me ejected - CB

You can try to copy and no stopping god in a king/Like my name is Rocky Rudyy box them all in the ring - Rudyy

How you claiming real when you’re hanging with a known rat/if you were really in these streets you would have known that - Real Rap Rell

Let’s take it back to when bars mattered. Naw, actually let’s stay right where we are because bars still matter. If you love rap music then you know one thing is for sure and two things are for certain, despite what lane a rapper may be in, if they have bars then they must go in at all cost. On Thanksgiving Eve, six emcees from Harrisburg linked up at PlatinumSkillz Records and did just that and on July 23, 2019, those bars finally got released. The beat of choice that evening was N.O.R.E -Banned from T.V. Wiggs, Mobbo, Cordell, CB, Rudyy, and Real Rap Rell all took charge by raising the bar once again. This almost nine-minute long record is far from light and will make you say what happened to them being on the XXL Freshm...oh nevermind. So put in your wireless headphones and enjoy.

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