Tuesday, July 9, 2019

7-9-19 CB Creates the Waves with Uptown Vibes

CB creates the waves with Uptown Vibes

Written By Anwar Curtis (A.C. the MaYoR)

When it comes to rap music there are those who do it and then there are those who just have it. CB is one of those types of emcee's from "Uptown" Harrisburg, who grabs everyone's attention when he drops a freestyle, video, ep, or hits the stage. It has only been a few months since his last cover "Stay Woke" was released and now he has dropped another wave on the rap world with his "Uptown Vibes" cover. 

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2019 has been a very interesting year for CBizzle. Mid 2018 he lost his grandmother due to her heroic efforts, saving her great-grandchildren from an unexpected fire. Coping with that has made a major impact on CB and the rest of his family. Since then the City of Harrisburg has birthed Uptown with a new street name, Jacqueline Black Way, a street where so many sacrifices were made over the years thanks to CB's mum mum, heart, and his angel, Mrs. Jacqueline Black. 

(we do not own the rights to this picture)
Now CB is re-energized and ready to hold down the part of town that's made him the artist and man he is. This cover will only do one thing for you as a listener and that's throw up the "U" cuzZz, regardless of what part of The Burg you are from. So as the summer heats up jump on as many couches as possible, organize your money, and catch this vibe. 

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