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5-6-19 Mean Girl, Chic Styles: Mean Girl Shoes Boutique Opening

Mean Girl, Chic Styles: Mean Girl Shoes Boutique Opening

Written by Fiordaliza "Ana" White

Black Girl Magic. Sisterhood. Style. Those were the vibes that swept through the MGS Boutique on Saturday, May 4, 2019. After months of announcements and anticipation from the community, Maisha Webb opened her doors to a mix of clientele, including younger and seasoned women alike. Customers came looking to find the unique styles of glittered pants, to-die-for-shoes, fresh and fun sunglasses, smell goods and bags. A cute boutique in the front, the pink walls offered a woman’s touch with a pronounced logo of an unapologetic woman with a fresh afro. One thing is for sure: This store is a woman’s selfie dream. The fur-lined bench in the dressing room gave allowance to mirror ready flicks, each wall lined with reaffirming words. The boutique has something for everyone: Heels, flats, shirts, jackets, pants, sunglasses, smell goods, earrings, and bags.

📸 credit Fiordaliza Ana White

The store’s opening allowed for an added clothing store in Steelton, PA. Many of the clientele came from different parts of the city, all here to show support to a seemingly shy, but always fly Maisha Webb. Maisha is one of the two hosts to the growing “Venus vs. Mars” event, a show that takes a raw and entertaining look at relationships, “What would you do” scenarios, and sometimes, just plan and outright rebuttals. Her personality comes through in each outfit she puts together, with her meek disclaimer during each show, adding confirmation about her shop and where people can ‘shop the look’. Each week left potential consumers asking: Where can I get those? Do you have my size? Or a very simple but demanding “I need those!” Her answer was always “Shop the looks online”. SO, when the time came for her boutique to open, lines formed to collect the looks everyone had been asking for each time.

📸 credit Fiordaliza Ana White
The opening was much more than a simple boutique, it was a vibrant exclamation of female empowerment, with a live female DJ spinning classics and keeping the tempo up for the live art show. The boutique holds the classy chic styles but entering the back gives you a different feel altogether. The back of the boutique houses a NY City, street themed art shop. A mother-daughter collaboration, this back section is home custom artwork and designs by Maisha’s daughter, affectionately known as ‘TwizzArt”. Her freestyle hand painted designs fill the back room. The back room feels like a turnup, a burst of art that the city collectively identifies as a need. The music gave life to the colorful artwork hanging and selling, off the walls. A classic signature wall stood as a memento to the customers wishing her congratulations and wishing her longevity and prosperity.

📸 credit Fiordaliza ana White
The packed boutique shared one common goal: to shop looks and show support to what appears to be an already thriving boutique. The village came out, with men showing up to show support to a longtime friend, even shopping looks for their significant others. Mean Girls Boutique set out to prove that Black Girl Magic exists from head to toe.


📸 credit Fiordaliza Ana White
MGS Boutique is located at 147 N. Front Street, Steelton PA. visit  

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