Friday, February 1, 2019

2-1-19 #FreshFriday ft. KaeNi "Keep it a beanski and tell your truth"

Keep it a beanski and tell your truth

Written by Anwar Curtis (@acthemayor)

There is no getting accepting a persons truth. You also cannot put an age limit over people when they are ready to tell their truth. Often times when a person is preparing to be vulnerable through the form of art, they begin to question how the general public will receive it. When it comes to music, specifically rap music, the first thing listeners over the age of 25 do (and that age may be pushing it now a days lol) is question how genuine someone's lyrics truly are. There is also no denying that individuals fall victim to complacency because of the ignorant expectations society hangs over the heads of emcees.

So what do you do when you are in your late 20’s, have a talent for writing lines that rhyme, that transition into writing bars, but you never really put yourself out there as an emcee, and oh yeah you are one hundred percent woman?  Well if you are anything like KaeNi, you get “freshy” and fully invest in yourself and say the hell with what society thinks your truth should be, because this is your truth to tell, and it shouldn’t make a difference if the story you share is coming directly from you or momentary fiction.

(This Picture was taken off Instagram)

Those who are foreign to KaeNi, don’t trip because her latest release entitle T.T.G featuring GY Zeus, is just another warm up.  KaeNi is one emcee that keeps it a beanski at all cost just like another indie emcee by the name of JAO (godBodyJon) does. With bars like “vacation b**** you only take your kids to chuck-e-cheese” and “just ask my city I be going super hard/them n**** thought I was booked the way I’m coming with the bar” KaeNi reminds her peers and haters why there is zero time for the flex, and make sure to run up the check. 

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