Friday, February 1, 2019

2-1-19 #FreshFriday ft. Felix Black "Denial is one hell of a drug"

Denial is one hell of a drug

Written by Anwar Curtis (@acthemayor)

When suffering from Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder, many people depend on a drug of some sort, rather it is anti-depressant pills, toxic relationships, or simply isolation to push through the pain.  P.T.S.D is a disorder that for years many people have conversationally drifted away from because of culture deficiencies and denial. If you pay close attention to music, however many artists are pressing the go button, no longer wanting to keep society in the dark with what they are battling, which may very well be P.T.S.D.

Felix Black is an artist that has taken pride in finding outlets with music and art to gage his feelings and express his thoughts. Truthfully, I believe everyone suffers from some sort of P.T.S.D. however some overcome faster than others because everyone’s burdens are different.  The content of this song in no way is mocking P.T.S.D. because bars like “tell my number one I think she’s amazing/tell my number two I think that she’s famous” explains the effects regarding promiscuous relationships and the many different reasons why people engage in them.  Now before you criticize Felix Black for his wordplay, make sure you take a very close look at yourself and determine if what he is sharing is that extreme. All Felix wanted to accomplish was to drift back and further the conversation pertaining to P.T.S.D., he just found a clever way to make you get lost in the sonic sound producer Ghxst provides.    

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