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2-6-19 #WhatYouNeedWednesday Who remembers when The Singers Lounge turned 2

Who remembers when The Singers Lounge turned 2

Written By Anwar Curtis (@acthemayor)

Being artistic can be challenging especially when building a platform for creative people to be seen or in this case heard.  For the second consecutive year, the city of Harrisburg stopped, slaying any expectation of a sophomore jinx and celebrated Airis Smallwood and The Singers Lounge at HMAC because #TSL turned two.  If you never patronized a Singers Lounge show in Harrisburg, let me tell you this and don’t get in your duffle bag because I say this with love, stop drawing, throw that ish on, and make yourself available because the room is full of dope energy.

Last year was a very special moment for Airis and her Singers Lounge Alum. Vendors showed out, crowd participation was on a thousand, each performer set the bar for the next and everyone saaaang. It was also hard to overlook the fashion designed by PIECES of ME, that was laced in the room (did you see Airis and Keya’s dress and Nova’s jacket). It is fair to say events like this show how advanced Harrisburg is.

Two things Airis strives to accomplish when planning a TSL show, especially an anniversary show is consistency and a moment to appreciate time. That moment of time last year was honoring mother, friend, mentor, singer, and entertainer Diane Wilson- Bedford. This tribute was special because it granted a time to bridge the gap for those in attendance. This moment in time exposed “faithful loungers” thirty and younger to witness a legend from Harrisburg who isn’t after to claim her hometown roots, and once again convince seasoned loungers that they can co-exist with millennials.  

Yes, TSL turning two was a major win for our culture here in Harrisburg on so many levels. I personally can’t wait to see the outcome when TSL turns three, and rumor has it on Sunday, February 17th, 2019 TSL alum will be honoring icons who Central Pa residents could connect to in traffic on 1400 – THE TOUCH “Mr. Wizard can you kick it”.  Congratulations Airis for never giving up and building a platform for local talent to feel iconic. 

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