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4/9/14 What You Need Wednesday's

What You Need Wednesday's

This weeks What You Need Wednesday's, we are fortune to have received some new heat from some well known emcee's steady climbing up the totem pole with their consistency both lyrically and dedication wise and a freshman, meaning a brand new artist who is taking his local scene by storm in a way most would say is completely unexpected.

After taking some time off to reconstruct his business mind over matter, Damani has re-entered into the booth and is back to writing or freestyling bars full of substance. This week he released his freeverse track We Made It and decided to collab with the homie Mazon who after deciding to push his lastest project The Will back has been rightfully murdering Cyphers, Covers, Features and Shows. Damani explains what steps he has been taking not only looking out for himself but also getting his squad right. Mazon on the other hand has stepped into a different realm. Unconsciously challenging himself and those who have claimed to have a crown of some sort, writing bars asking questions like "when your life is over what will remain"and stating that if the history books never created slaves he would be a pharaoh.   

Damani Featuring Mazon- We Made It Freeverse 


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When you think of a "Rose In The Concrete" an unpolished gem that has the potential to shine brighter than the sun itself, or even a person deserving of any award or recognition amongst his peers or fan base who has only been concentrating on a craft or career musically from the Star City, nine out of ten times Twannybadd is the last name to come to existence. Well it takes character and a mind-state uncommonly common to fully understand that this hiphop artist certainly is deserving of the immediate support from his underground followers. Last week Twannybadd performed at We Got Skillz in Harrisburg Pa. The energy that he brought to the stage, the only noun that would define his moment that night would be paroxysm. You could feel the passion and adrenaline  Twanny displayed that night. Right before his set was over, Twanny opened up and spit a poem he wrote just days before hand.

“The Book’s Cover”

BY: Twannybadd Escobar

Saw The Other Day A Gun In A Child’s Hands
Son Of A Violent Man
Ready To Kill Before Living 
Pants Sagged Down, A Tragic Path 

I Walked Up And Asked 
‘What Is It You Want To Be’
He Laughed 

Im Like ‘Why’d You Laugh’
He Said
‘Cause Yo , My Nigga Your The First To Ask’

‘They Never Asked Me,
What Is It You Want To Be 
Shit It Never Mattered To Them
I Was Up In These Streets 

Didn’t Fuck With These Streets
I Grew Up In These Streets 

So It’s Hard To Believe When Tupac 
Spoke Of A Beautiful Rose That Grew Up 
Out Of The Same Cement That Blessed Me 
With Lessons Because This Life .. 

Yeah , She Sure Does Test Me’ 

Let It Be HEARD Here
Youngins With The Mind To Find The Cure To The Cureless
Are Found In The Furnace
Packing Disposable Burners
Witnessing Rape, Robbery, And Murders 

Praying For Bread, Water, And Work
Faced With Instead
A Brother in Hearse, Mother In Hurt
God bless The Soul That’s Covered In Dirt..
Cause Nothings Clean About These Leaders 
Putting Coins In Their Purse

Persistent To Push Change On Us 

New World Slaves
They Disguise It As Swagg 
That’s Their New Born Plague
Created Section 8 Thats The Free Man’s Cage 

Shit My Mom Can’t Afford Health Care 

That’s How They Choose Who They Save 

All You See Is A Child With A Gun 

Not A Child Who Stuck Around While His Father Went On The Run 

Not The Brother Who Watched His Sister Go Crazy Off Of Them Drugs 

Yet You Question What Type Of Man This Child Here Will Become? 

I Want To Be 

The Me You Choose Not To See 

The Good Book With A Bad Cover 

The Right Guy In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time 

I Want To Be 

What Most Are Scared To Be 

I Want To Be 

The Difference 


TwannyBadd (Twitter)



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