Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4/23/14 What You Need Wednesday's

What You Need Wednesday's

This weeks What You Need Wednesday's features are extremely talented individuals. One has been maintaining a presents in the Philadelphia area for quite some time now. With his latest album release this emcee has fully tapped into his sound not only as a rapper but an innovator. The second feature is ready to overcome all obstacles. Many may have been in question as to where she has been. With her powerful yet unique, and one full shade of elegance, her voice is one that needs to be heard outside of just her concrete walls and the 302 area code. Now she is back working on new original material and killing soulful covers. Last but certainly not least, he is no stranger to word play, conveying a message in a cunning way and is determined to cover every spectrum and relate to every status quo, not only for himself but his poetic regime.

What is your definition of success? Is it wealth, a loyal crew, dignity or just simply being blessed? Star Enterprises Clout sum's his viewpoint of success in his latest video Cream. Shot by Fun Zach Films, Clout displays success in his eyes as taking care of priorities. Being a family man first, allowing himself to be there for his friends and creating a undeniable bloodline full of opportunities for his children's children generations after generation. The imagery that Fun Zach was able to create for this video is plan genius. Clout continues to show why he's not only beyond a local scene in his music and vision but why he fits the Nouvuea Riche criteria.



Mz. Yola
Soul, the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separate in existence from the body, the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part. Those words define exactly how most feel the moment Mz.Yola begins to do what she does best "sang." After releasing her first solo ep entitled My Redemption Of Love, Mz.Yola took a small step back, learning the ends and outs of the music business from an Independent level, and transforming into early womanhood. Now she is ready to take on music scene on full straddle. Yola is back in the studio recording and performing once again. Those who are familiar with her voice knows that she's one to be reckoned with. She recently recorded Jill Scotts "He Loves Me" cover. Honoring a legend far deep in the making. This is a great start to a new beginning. 


Tiger Rose III
He is King of Words and poetry is his empire. This is the persona Tiger Rose displays when it is time to get busy. Tiger knows how to engage, not just from a confident viewpoint, although most would consider it cocky, but Tiger's intellectual mannerisms are what catches you as a listener. One of his latest poems entitled "Is God Real" Tiger brings more than just content. He also creates a visual, visual that connects you to each stanza written. With this piece Tiger does what most people think men to be afraid to do. He takes a chance, lets his guard down and lets people in from a poetic and personal point of view. It takes major preparation to create the style of poetry Tiger creates, and his I AM WORD family would agree. "WORD"

Tiger Rose III- Is God Real



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