Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4/2/14 What You Need Wednesday's: E. Jones Protein Preparation For The Feast

What You Need Wednesday's

Last Month Still Hip-Hop's own E. Jones dropped his Sinatra In The Whip track free verse A small warmup record for those anticipating his fist Solo Album "The Feast" The reaction he received from that record was both embracive yet alittle controversial. Many may not know but E. Jones although this project being E. Jones first Album, he has released several tracks and a couple mix tapes within the past year. Now Jones brings you another free verse leading up to The Feast.

"Sounds Like The Fur Elise, just like Sinatra In The Whip, is a warm up to The Feast" E. Jones states. "It's basically like a heat check for myself. It's like when a basketball player hits their first couple of shots and then comes down the court and pulls up from wherever they want just to see how hot they really are." That sounds like the Fur Elise, EAT UP" E. JONES.




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