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11-26-18 #InTheMixMonday ft. Julia Mallory "Breathe


Written By Ana White

In an age of fast paced, overly stimulating environments, the act of meditation can seem far fetched and oftentimes cumbersome. As individuals, we are taught to proceed life with little opportunities to rest and reenergize. Because of this, much of our social practices for relaxation exclude mindfulness or standing still. Effective strategies for interventions specifically for younger children, includes medication or psychiatric care. The book Breathe redefines our thought on meditation and the power of a vivid and active imagination.

Writer Julia Mallory takes us on a whirlwind adventure into the life of Josiah, a tired and bored child who is invited into a world of meditation, mindfulness, and peace seeking by his father. Crystal counting, touch, breathing patterns and active imagination are the basis of the routine that this young father provides to his son. The colorful illustration by Taqiyya Muhammad ushers in a wide range of illustrations which help the reader and listener to engage in this storyline.

Breathe is a powerful reminder of the power of not only parent engagement into a child’s imagination, but an active ownership of a young child’s ability to learn valuable lessons in how to nurture themselves through self care, stillness, and utilizing holistic care methods to bring about calmness within themselves.

For a parent that has a young child seeking alternatives to the more fast paced interventions, this is a good sit down and “reset” book. For the child that enjoys colorful pictures, abstract art, and powerful illustrations, this book is a must read. 

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