Tuesday, November 20, 2018

11-20-18 No Hope...Then Risk It All (LAU)

No Hope...Then Risk It All

Written By Anwar Curtis (acthemayor)

When you look outside of your window, what type of fence do you see…one that signifies protection or captivity? When it comes to your neighbor, do they respect you enough for their yards to be fenceless, or are they super judgmental, constantly doing maintenance to their fence, side-eyeing you in total disgust? In some cases, a fence is a sign of hope assuring safety to the hood, however fences are fences in LAU’s perception and he pens it well with his new song entitled No Hope

There's no denying that a person can be exposed to a lot of inconsequential fences while pursuing glee…the village can only protect the village when obstacles such as lack of opportunity, crime, and communication clouds over the village. “It ain’t no hope…nah it ain’t no joke…needles on the ground from the dope…” is an unfortunate reality for many who find it hard to trust or believe anything that seems authentic because disappointment outweighs joy, creating a sense of emptiness, and that domino effects other critical circumstances. Circumstances such as “never trusting a soul because n**** ain’t bro, they just want to take a soul.” 

LAU has seen a lot growing up and expresses what he believes are fenced-in gaps throughout hood. “In the streets you got access to a whole lot of s***…younging’s chasing dirty money ain’t worried bout scholarship…ain’t rippin through textbooks they’d rather see dollars flip…getting trapped in the trap with the snakes and the rats…” it’s no surprise what is valued as a win and the reasons for being strapped. However, there is an abundance of real victories in the hood and there’s no denying that…LAU is a testament. See a fence is nothing more than an object signifying protection or captivity. And yes, it is up to the village to give hope to the village and protect the village from captivity. That’s the depiction LAU chose to create with this lead single No Hope from his upcoming album entitled Risk It All, OUT NOW!!! 


No Hope Video

Risk It All (Download Here)

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