Friday, September 21, 2018

9-21-18 #FreshFriday ft. @FrameworkRich @J'laray @WorkOverPleasure

Written By Anwar Curtis (@acthemayor) "What's old to some is new to many"

Best thing you can do for poor people, don’t be one…a bar that is more of a statement echoed throughout Framework Rich’s latest song entitled I Like It. And although top notch studio equipment, cigar smoke, and Penhaligon’s Opus 1870 which many would believe are essential ingredients when reclaiming your spot as one of the dopest emcee’s to come out of one of the most underrated/influential cities (believe it or not) in entertainment, Framework Rich understands being poor or RICH isn’t about fame or your name, yet the frame of work a person is willing to obtain.

A lot has changed for this Star City trendsetter since his last project entitled Non Social Media three years ago. Framework Rich is a man who always honors family, however now he is a father who’s preparing his children to stand out. Standing out in rare form.  Being an innovator isn’t about pleasing the majority, however meeting the majority where they are in order for them to grasp the message and the look.  Yes, the naked eye or ear may suggest that I Like It, produced by PT Skillz or the visual directed by Anthony Thomas may be a bit much, suggesting that being poor is something to frown at, however this glass is half full.  What Framework Rich is suggesting is this…don’t chase the dream, be the dream no matter what your circumstances, and inspire others to do the same…because the best thing a person can do for a poor people is not becoming one…which is a mentality!   

   I Like It

If you devote your day surfing major streaming sites to find what music lovers refer to as litty and you haven’t stumbled across J’laray’s video Tell Me directed by Kayso these last four months then keep doing what you're doing which is reading this, and once you get to the bottom just embrace.  When you first listen to the hooks cadence, Usher's Lovers and Friends song may come to mind, however this is far from a romance. This song and video is one that everyone who has ever felt that toxic type of love can relate too. 

This #TSL alum (The Singer’s LoungeHBG) took it upon herself to get step up and step out with lines like…first off tried to tell you how I’m feeling/tried to compromise some things but you aint feeling it/so I walked away from this just to keep my sanity…and bars like…I thought we were do or die/you cant even tell me why/you act like it’s suicide just to love me…J’laray and many others like her just want to be loved, and if that means making the necessary moves to leave an unnecessary deaduation (dead situation) then so be it!

Tell Me

In an era where mumbling your way through groovy hit-hats and smooth 808’s..and yes not all mumble rap is wack yeah I said it lol…hashtags beefs and having colored hair being the same color as your latest lay, it’s hard to believe that there are still emcee’s who still acknowledge just rapping their experiences on record. It has been a while but this member of “Talk of the Streets” WOP CULTURE is back doing what he does best, bodying raps one bar at a time.  His latest track LOCK IT DOWN is a record pre millennial’s will appreciate the most.

LOCK IT DOWN produced by Poe featuring Manolo Rose is strictly East Coast; grimy and aggressive with its rugged percussion and its in the pocket baseline.  And although W.O.P isn’t concerned about becoming your favorite rappers favorite bodyguard even though he moves like a terrorist with an AK and a beard, he is concerned about receiving his respect as an emcee. This record only tells me one thing…if you step in the booth or block with “Uncle WOP” you best be ready to stand your ground!

Lock It Down

Stay Connected 



And as always...Until Next Time Lets Remember This Time...And Keep It Fresh On A Friday!!!


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