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11/22/17 #WhatYouNeedWednesday ft. Tristan Bond


Tristan Bond: An Artist's Regime

Written By: Lhayana Dallas

The gift of artistry is an indestructible power fueling an internal beacon and when runneth over: art of a timeless relevance is summoned by a stroke of a pen or a pencil in a Sketchbook, or a paintbrush on a canvas, and is often done with an intangible muse. The power possessed by an artist— to release their visions and harbored emotions through art and provoke an unsuspected response by the viewer. ...And just as God chose Bezalel to fill with this artistic power; Tristan Bond too, has been burdened with the
powerful gift to draw worlds to life, with a steady hand and a micron pen. Surely, it was resilience, dedication, and excessive mimics of Mortal Kombat’s Sonya Blade at six years old; sketches of heart bodied stick figures, countless classes within Advertising Art Design at Dauphin County Technical School; a membership with Nothing Pretty Art Collective Commission, displayed art at The HBG Flea, a table at The Millworks’ Odd Ones Holiday Bizarre Art Show, and participation in the Got Wood? exhibit, housed at Little Amps Coffee Roasters on State street, that granted Bond, a well deserved place in the Harrisburg Mural Works.

Bond agreed to meet on a Monday morning at Little Amps Coffee Roasters on Green street. Every seat was taken, apart from two seats in the back corner of the cafe. So we sat, with about 2 feet of wooden board between us. We sipped our tea and latte just before delving into conversation. Small talk led to Bond’s confession of art being his release that he needs everyday, “I’m constantly drawing and doodling; I always have a little sketchbook with me because most of the time while I’m at work, I’ll envision ideas.” Bond’s nine year career in massage therapy has kept him connected to art— the movement of his hands on bare skin like the point of his pen against a blank sheet, keeps the flare of creativity burning. 

Willingly, he shared his artistic influence, and expressed, “ as a kid, I watched a lot of Anime and 90’s cartoons; It has definitely had an impact on my work... but aside from that, my inspiration is driven by wanting to create something different— something that gives a ‘Wow’ effect on people who see it. A lot of my work, people sometimes think, it’s a little off, and I’m okay with that, as long as my art is making them feel something.” As he spoke, a drawing he posted on his Instagram page came to mind, of a Grim Reaper. The caption below read: “What if there were a Reaper who felt remorse when collecting souls.” Although, thought-provoking, it was uncomfortable to think of a grim reaper in this way— to associate a Reaper with remorse. Bond elaborated on his motives behind the Reaper’s remorse, “ I had an idea to create a mini series centered around a young Reaper who has been reaping souls for years, but one day, he is ordered to reap the soul of a little girl who is dying of cancer. During the time he spent waiting, he fell in love with her, and wanted to spare her life. But, in order to do so, he has to go through several levels and challenges to reverse her death.”

Every work of art created by Bond, carries an emotion, “ when I’m in a particular state of mind; it reflects through my art. There are a few pieces that are dark, which resemble; I was more than likely going through something. ... And then, there are other pieces that are lighter and filled with happiness.” without hesitation Bond described the detailed process for submitting requested artwork for Harrisburg Mural Fest, but before proceeding on which specific artwork he chose, he expressed: “I try to stick with the use of patterns: waves, line work, dots to create shadows; pointillism is one of my favorite techniques. The three pieces I chose, really depict my artistic style. Laugh With Your Heart, was one of the three, which is a smiling, geometric, anatomically correct heart, which symbolizes: anything you do, do it wholeheartedly. I actually have it tattooed on my right bicep, as a constant reminder to never do anything I don’t love— that my heart isn’t in, nor serves a positive purpose to my life in someway. I also chose, a series of females with mouths cloaked with geometric masks and the Three-Eyed Doe,” which was ultimately chosen to be displayed on the outside wall of Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center. He continued, as his finger was locked on the handle of his cup, in anticipation to take a sip between responses: “It was a very new experience for me; I worked with Parachute cloth for the first time— it was exciting and liberating.”

That same evening, I found myself in the forecourt of The Kitchen At Hmac (Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center). I walked through the dust-brown rock, with variety shaped string lights dangling above my head; and gazed up the white brick wall and there it was: The Three-Eyed Doe Mural, in its perfect circular shape resting above two classic double hung windows, and like the moon meeting the sun-- it freed me; perhaps only for the seven minutes and forty-five seconds I stood staring at the starry sky surrounding the doe, which stood as the focal point with ears arrect, as she starred with all three-eyes. The infinite branches reaching upward for what seemed to be never ending. And so, I pondered...shifting my weight from side-to-side trying to reach for a deep interpretation but nothing came to words-- Just a feeling-- an overwhelming release of freedom.

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  1. Favorite lines 😍

    "the powerful gift to draw wolds to life"

    "the moment of he hand on at skin like the point of his pen on a blank sheet."

    His Reaper Soul story was awesome!!!!

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    Nice close 👏

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