Friday, November 3, 2017

11/3/17 #FreshFriday ft. Swearv (Neighborhood Fatkidd)


Waste My Time

Written By: Anwar Curtis (A.C. the MaYoR)

Amusement parks, roller coasters, and beaches, are some of the best ways to enjoy summer and get a belly full of eye candy, but now that seasons are changing so do the rules! But don’t think for a second eye candy is only acceptable during the summer…nope not at all because now it's“cuffing season” and Swearv has made it clear; in order to get "cuffed" you must not Waste His Time.

Swearv has always been an artist who values being a lyricist, but two thing are undeniable regarding the Neighborhood Fatkidd, which is his love for music and being a romantic. Waste My Time, Swearv's new single and video produced by Brandon Lee (@brandonleebeats), gives him the ability to not only romance his crush lyrically, but also vocally, collaborating with Sunny Ray.  This is one single that any season can relate too!!!

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