Friday, September 29, 2017

9/29/17 #FreshFriday "717 Live"

#FreshFriday: 717 Live

Written By: Lhayana Dallas

The truth: “... time and chance happen to them all,” despite human notion of who is more deserving. And the undeniable truth: time belongs to no certain person and chance falls on anyone. A Music trilogy spreading across the weekend of September 1-3, morphed downtown’s Capital Gastro pub into a higher tier for local talent, housing the 717 Live event. Granting an opportune moment; the open roaster allowed for over 79 artist to perform free of charge,
throughout the three day event. Special guest Dj’s including Big Mike The Hype Man, Ricky VĂ­a, Pharaoh, and C.The producer, also made appearances. Harrisburg music scene and its audiences proved defiance against old rumors of being unsupportive, which stood as the number one goal to accomplish by Luis De Jesus a.k.a Quality under Supreme Sound Productions, and partners Capeesh and C. The Producer. Quality, as well as local artist/producer/songwriter expressed: “ There are countless people out here doing their thing, but not too many people
support the new, up and coming artist in the local area, because the artist who are established in the local scene have it locked down, but in the end with the 717 Live event, it has the whole city,
everyone in the 717 here, coming together to support one another. So many people came out, that's all I wanted.” 717 Live conquered and surpassed expectations; An abundance of talent has been unveiled. 

It is liberating to think Harrisburg’s music scene is a potential “gold mine.” Opening night demonstrated, Conformity and specificity died at entry. As cliche as it may be: “all walks of life” were welcome, and it showed in the crowd. If there were nothing else
in common between the Artist and between the audience--music was the only shared interest that mattered. The style of music was a choice left to the artist: duos to solos, old school, boom bap,
G-funk, crunk, Rap rock, and trap (to name a few). Three flights of stairs separated the door, from the unknown that rested on the third floor rooftop garden: the night sky exposed, string lights overhead, and cool air pushed through the crowd, as did I, to be in clear view of the stage and performer. The audience didn’t make it easy: A “hard” beat and an amplified voice swept through like a plague and possessed the audience into unbroken attention. 

Quality, separated from the crowd entertaining supporters who requested his attention, including me. His excitement boiled over as he pointed out Artist he knew and gave brief bios. I was unable to speak with every artist that attended and performed, but for those I was able to pull aside; I posed the question: “ What does this event mean to you; as a local artist and resident of Harrisburg?”

Thelonius: “ This is the first event of its kind since I've been performing, and the people who put it together were really on the look out for all the local artist of Harrisburg. I had to put myself back into that mentality of performing, but watching everyone else-
their energy-- it put me in that zone.”

Justice Mealz & Twanny: “ This is our first performance together, this event gave us the opportunity to do so; we are blessed for an event like this. Something like this can open up a lot of doors for the local artist in the city, and we were looking for that chance
to share our music, with the people we make our music for, right here, in Harrisburg.” 

HD All Profit: “ I was just really grateful to be involved in such a powerful movement. It’s most definitely a dope way to showcase local talent. The crowd was real... Overall, I was given the opportunity to expose my sound and to see how the public
would react up close and personal.”

It’s Cosmic: “717 Live is bringing a lot of people to the table that wouldn't have been out and performing otherwise, and it's giving them the opportunity to express themselves in a way that they would desire to. So, I think it's encouraging a lot more people to take another step forward in their artistic careers. It's really cool to see all the different experiences that people are having and putting through their music.”

Saturday and Sunday nights played identical to Friday night; a continuance of good “vibes,” good music, and selfless support. The weather forced the event from the rooftop to the first floor, for the remaining two nights. I was unable to pull Quality aside long enough to dissect his intentions and hopes for 717 Live event, but Saturday night I demanded the time. Willingly, he followed me outside far enough from the people crowding the entrance doors. I commended him on what Supreme Sound Productions has done thus far, but before I could form a question, he interrupted saying, “ I really want to bring the city together. 

There is so much talent that is hidden here under the lights, and there is no place for them to perform.” His ambition shook him.It made his whole body move as he continued to explain his hopes for local artist: “ At one time I was working with over 60 artist who were coming in regularly to a local studio but there wasn't a place for them to exhibit their work. I could just see their consistency, dedication, and passion. So, I said to myself, ‘I guess it's up to me to provide a space for them to show their work.’” By this time in our conversation, he was smiling uncontrollably and intensity as if he know something I didn’t know: “ My intentions are to continue making music, and providing a platform for local artist to exhibit their work. It's music and only the music that brings us as a
city together, especially in the face of violence and negativity; too many things are trying to divide us.” And it was there, at that exact moment, as he spoke; I realized that we all carry the
city in part and my pride as a Harrisburg native grew.