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2.19.21 I feel like I'm made to rap. I can't put it down ~ Signed Geniuz

I feel like I'm made to rap. I can't put it down. 

Signed Geniuz 

📷 James Klippel

Written by Anwar Curtis

When we all ushered in the New Year on the eve of December 31,  2019, I doubt there was a single person who was ready to embrace its full offering. I mean, how could anyone prepare for something they’d never experienced? It didn’t matter what space a person occupied in 2020; parenting, establishing a business, wedding plans. Everything came to a halt. This, of course, was all thanks to  COVID-19, a.k.a The Rona, who undeniably showed up and showed out. Now, fast-forward to present day. The world is not completely back to normal just yet, but many adjustments and improvements have been made. Adjustments may be unfamiliar for many, but not for Geniuz who has been doing so for a lifetime because he refuses to GO FOR BROKE. 

Since the age of fourteen, Geniuz has been making music. During his high school days, many would have considered him to be a  “nerd”. However, “nerd” is a label that never fazed him. He just liked what he liked; Anime, Hey Arnold, and music with a vibe and a message. Over the years, this strong sense of individuality is what draws people to Geniuz the most. He has become one of those artists everyone loves to work with. This is certainly a  benefit of an early life lesson. One of the most important attributes a person can have is a solid understanding of self. Many creatives lose their balance in their pursuit of success and happiness. But for Geniuz, this is just another day in the life. All he’s ever wanted to do was create. The smiles he catches are just a very pleasant perk.  

📷 James Klippel

If you don’t follow Geniuz on IG (@geniuz717), you should. You can tell from his updates there that he’s been making significant progress in his career despite whatever The Rona had planned for the industry and the world at large. From packing in the photoshoots to stacking up the studio time, Geniuz has been piecing together his life story in music form. All this grinding is what prepared him to drop Favorites, a song he is extremely proud of and rightfully so. Shortly after that release, he started making appearances at La Cultura’s Open Mic Nights. There, he not only thrived as an emcee but also took advantage of his connections with other fellow creatives. One night during the forever lively sessions, he encouraged his peers with a gem. “This is for you to  get your feet wet.” Geniuz received that same gem from me six years ago after performing for the very first time at an event curated by Levels Ready Entertainment. He took in every word then. Now, it shows. His growth in the last six years alone is nothing less than amazing.  

Doubling back, the first quarter of the year seemed promising. But then, there was a shift. That’s when we all realized that the contagion was here to stay. Y’all remember the “quarantine and chill” segment of 2020? While we were all kicking back, locked in our lover’s cribs, Geniuz remained laser-focused. He aspired to create his best body of work ever. He continued to write and record. It was also during this time, that he decided to revisit some of his unfinished material. This led him to rediscover some of the songs that were still near to him. He picked them back up and polished them off. With a little bit of patience, dedication, and remixing, the release of his latest EP entitled “Go For Brokehas arrived. A debut that means the world to Geniuz.  

Go For Broke is a true testament to Geniuz’s musical journey.  From the artwork, music production, and wordplay, he shows he has the ability to follow his sound to the places tailor-fit for him.  The makings of a truly solid project. Audible gold. 

Last year was historical. The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most infamous years ever lived. Especially through the lens of the Black community in America. This was a year that brought continuous heartache to the nation with undying recklessness from the police. Recklessness that affected Black families, Black Culture, and Black survival. If you’re wondering how much of Go For Broke is centered around this content, we were too. 

📷 Levels Ready Ent

“When I get a platform, what can I do with it?”

That is a question Geniuz often reflects on. “I don’t want to make a  song about the sh**. I’m mad about the sh**. Let’s do something  that actually helps.” Geniuz has no regrets about this stance. Many artists find solace in their music. Who could blame them? In a  world so loud, who wouldn’t seek out some silence. If you find yourself upset with this project’s “lack” of substance rooted in another disturbing time for Black America, don’t charge Geniuz, charge it to the Use of Force continuum.  

Evolution is something an intuitive mind yearns for. Geniuz fits the mold. Being one-track-minded isn’t something he takes for granted.  In fact, it can be seen as one of the many strong suits he relies upon the most. It helps him stay focused while the world chills or crumbles. But, he realized at an early age that his next work will continue to be his best work. So, stay tuned. Oh, and lock in on his new work Go For Broke and lets those streams up. 

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