Tuesday, July 31, 2018

8-1-18 #WhatYouNeedWednesday Madman Promotions: Stop The Violence Comedy Jam's

Madman Promotions: Stop The Violence Comedy Jam's

Written by Anwar Curtis (A.C. the MaYoR)

With so much drama in the HBG...nah I'm lying there's not an abundance of drama but like every city in the country there's enough to blanket over the city. So what's a better way to ease the soul from a whole bunch of chaos...well that's simple...implement laugher into your life and MadMan Promotions added a two series comedy show into its repertoire giving the city of Harrisburg something exciting to partake in.

The first rendition MadMan Promotions posted up was the Stop The Violence Winter Comedy Jam featuring comedians Kelly Kellz, Sean Larkins, Smokey Suarez, and Skeet Carter. The second comedy show comedians Kareem Green, Meme Simpson, Tommy Too Smoov, and funny man himself Alex Thomas. Each comedian blessed the stage having everyone in attendance in tears. From the time the dj began spinning music until the dimmed until the host said goodnight the energy in the Forum was nothing less than LIT.

Now if you indulge in the negative noise many individuals share one would believe that nothing goes on but in Harrisburg. Well believe it or not that stigma is false., There are many gems in Harrisburg and Madman Promotions exposed one of those gems positively by having these events at The Forum. The impression each of these comedians gathered those nights was excitement, telling the audience that they will be back due to the support and the astonishing decor the Forum is known for.

In life there will be times when trials and tribulations seem overwhelming, but life is all about balance. One of the main ingredients to overcoming sadness is laughter so let laughter win yall.

Stop The Violence Winter Comedy Jam 1-20-18

Stop The Violence Comedy Jam 3-31-18

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