Monday, January 15, 2018

1/15/18 #InTheMixMonday Ft. O.W.L. & Dexter Kendrick


O.W.L No Love Lost

Dexter Kendrick The Answer

Written By Anwar Curtis (A.C. the MaYoR)

Many people have been asking this very question

“what has happened to the soul sound of R&B”? 

Yes, over the years many peoples cell phones and 

earbuds have been filled with artists that have 

adapted the singing/rapping sound, with heavy 

808 drum patterns, a blend of airy synth chords, 

and snare drums and hi-hats fitting in the 

background giving you a “trap music” type 

emotion. And if your parents grew up in the 

Motown era, and if you are a 80’s or 90’s baby, 

you already know R&B singer’s 


Well for those of you who have not been a fan of 

the evolution of R&B, criticizing music producers 

and R&B artist from straying away from the 

soulful sound of sampling, and singer’s doing just 

that (singing) Indie artist’s O.W.L. and Dexter 

Kendrick are back at it and their timing could not 

have been more perfect, making sure that organic 

R&B sound they grew up on doesn’t fade away. 

Now don’t get it confused, these two male 

vocalists are not a duo group, despite the circles 

they run in both being alumni of Harrisburg’s own 

The Singer’s Lounge, sharing a friendship they 

both value. And even though it wasn’t planned, 

these two artist dropping new singles around the 

same time couldn’t have been more cosmic.

No Love Lost is O.W.L.’s latest piece of work 

available for streaming. O.W.L. linked up with 

Grammy Nominated, Multi Platinum Selling 

music producer Dennis Aganee Jenkins 

and ensemble a soulful sound from the piano run, 

to the horn section, the cymbal ride, and 

harmonies both O.W.L. and Aganee constructed. 

This song would give anyone who may be 

familiar with Theodore Witcher’s Love Jones or 

Allen Hughes Dead Presidents movie an instant 

flashback. Communication is always the pulse in 

any relationship, both existent or nonexistent and 

O.W.L. shares why even though that relationship 

is now over, there is NO LOVE LOST.

Then you have Dexter Kendrick's The Answer, 

another soulful song coming straight from Star 

City. D. Kendrick orchestras a song full of love 

which to me was inspired by the Disco Era, 

Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and even 

Stevie Wonder with romantic arrangements and 

lyrics that suggest, when questioning love just 

listen to that angel who visits you in your dreams. 

And although love is an emotion that is by far 

perfect, when you find that special kind of love, 

which is for everlasting and pure, just like the 

soul that’s embedded in this song; it’s pure and 

The Answer.

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