Friday, March 3, 2017

3/3/17 #FreshFriday's: Anyee Wright "Street Smart"

Fresh Friday: Anyee Wright "Street Smart"

Written by Anwar Curtis

Aynee Wright, an artist with a unique sound and attitude made only for a person who understands in order to survive in life one must know the significanceof having balance. Last year she released her album B.U.S.Y. a project full of character and good vibes. Now Ms. Wright is back to remind her audience and industry that she isn't one to be slept on.

Her latest video "Street Smart"which she wrote and produced showcases her love for the nightlife and her appreciation for her squad. The key to making it not only in the music industry but life in general is by staying grounded, never forgetting where you come from, and always showing love to your A1 day one support system, which is a proverb Anyee forever lives by.  

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