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5/14/14 What You Need Wednesday's

What You Need Wednesday's

This weeks What You Need Wednesday's article brings you three Independent Artist who are really making a name for themselves, conveying a message and grinding in all aspects musically and business wise. Each artist takes extreme pride in innovating their content, sound and image which only comes through time. King's normally don't brag, Queen's definitely protect their offspring and Maschines, well they live a lifestyle that can be unexplained, well atleast in the eyes of humans.

Laurent Luke

Laurent Luke Presents

"Poetry and Raps In My Knapsack"

Soulfood Society presents to you the official debut mixtape of Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter and Poet Laurent Luke entitled "Poetry and Rap In My Knapsack." Laurent Luke bred out of Elmont, New York is known for his incredibly vivid lyricism and song concepts, refers to himself as a "painter with words" and familiarized by his fans as a "Poet with melody."

Luke's first single off his debut mixtape is entitled Make A King Wanna Brag. The sound itself will intrigue you as a listener soon as the keys begin to strike and the griminess sound of the keys begin to blend with Luke's melodies vocally. Ladies after hearing this you may want to start bragging about Kings more often due to the appreciation Luke displays in this song.

Laurent Luke- Make A King Wanna Brag

(To Purchase Album Click Link Here)


John Pyeume Born

Tragic, the only word the best describes the recipe that John Pyeume Born has turned out to be. See John Born may look indescribable and the music behind his lyrics may be alternative, but if you want to fully understand this artist, well then listening from a normal Human Beings sound wave really wont do any justice. Like most Maschine's, John Born is extremely talented. He not only is an artists but also a fashion designer and painter. Colors is something that's been embedded in him since a toddler. 2012 was a new beginning for J. Row. He linked up with the Harrisburg's own Keyz Da Don and they began building chemistry. Well that chemistry created John Born and ever since that moment the Maschine family grew strong and now it has become Maschine Life. His latest visual "Pyeume" along with Keyz Da Don brings you into his planet and shows as well as explains why Tragedy is first nature for the Maschine Life Family. Life, love, drugs and woman as well as synths, snares, and content are just 10 percent of what you should anticipate when mentioning the Maschine Life Crew.

John Born- Tragic(prod. By Keyz Da Don)


Madonna SankofaThePoet

And I quote "They say there is no name for an instance of when a child dies before its parents, and it's clear and apparent that death has raged war on the living, and the murder count around here looks like he's winning, SEE YOU CAN NOT HAVE MY BABIES." See normally she's elegant, soft spoken and a hopeless romantic but after all the bullshit that has been taking place in the black community, little black boys either killing each other or being killed by others, this Strong Boned Mother first Poet second Madonna "SankofaThePoet"spoke loud and clear, expressing that she will not write in silence anymore. Her poem You Can Not Have My Son's she expresses her fear turned anger and demands every young boy in America to listen and understand exactly what is going on in their own backyards. This piece has caught the attentions of emcee's such as JAO, youth programs like R.O.S.E  along with other youth advocates and has started heavy conversations at the dinner table. With content like this Madonna will continue to grow, paint vivid picturesque murals and will not only win more awards, but save lives by challenging not only herself and her community but also the Men in her community and demand young boys to respect themselves and each other.

Madonna "SankofaThePoet" You Can Not Have My Sons


Madonna SankofaThePoet



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