Monday, March 3, 2014

Forgotten Files: Luis Marrero

The Forgetten Files!!!!!!!

A voice a mind and body, most would consider these body parts just that body parts, but those with an intellect deeper than the pacific and vision longer than I-95 certainly knows that those body parts are nothing less than an instrument for life. Luis Marrero, this poet, is no stranger when it comes to expression, never fears style and appreciates every letter in the word love and positivity. If you live in the Philadelphia area Luis may be a name that sounds quite familiar. His presence is spread out evenly, hosting events such as VOICE IN POWER, every third Sunday each month, has mastered the art of expanding his brand through networking and is also on a few spreads showing the world that Spoken Word and fashion has more in common than the average joe may think. Penmanship and voice presence is extremely important to Luis and once you understand the importance you will understand the substance behind Voice In Power.

Luis Marrero

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Victim Of Society: Luis Marrero

The scenes of his past seams are sewn onto his soul and sold to the highest bidder
Stone cold bones fold when the continuance of scolding his mistakes are reoccurring and never reconsidered So they decide to place poison in his city that will damage his stomach and make sure to deliver They keep the taste in his mouth bitter with several sips of some cheap liquor They can easily destroy his liver

They took his father out the picture
Turned his mother into a stripper
Murdered his older brother and slowly raped his little sister
Then continued to feed him false hope from this rewritten Bible and its scriptures
They created this weapon only to fear its killer
They want his ignorance to become his ammunition, I wonder who's his trigger
I wonder what's inside him

I wonder if those who claim love will stand behind him
Will they provide him something more than what his society continues to deny him
Or will they continue to lie him face down in his own shit to despise him
And please do not forget to remind him
He comes from a broken home and that is all America needs to define him
He must accept whatever they decline him
He must ingest whatever they assign him

Colorful pills to brighten up his darken mind while it slowly blinds him
Confines him to become an averaged mind mime and
He becomes a problem in his community
While also becoming a profit off the deposit of America's opportunity
To create disruption through the corruption of misleading him with claims of unity
Brutally beating him foolishly with clothes, money, drugs, sex and jewelry
His cries are built off lies

And the echoes of his screams are projected off this concrete mirror so musically
But why can't we see the beauty God created
Misunderstood love overpopulated with hatred
Polluted with misconceptions and rejections
And secluded with one way directions
On a path a thousand men just like him travel
When has using a voice to fight your battle

Become more of an issue
Than becoming the force to discontinue
A humans life
Now, his heartbeat may still breathe at night
But his dreams have committed suicide
Ever since his vision was brutalized
By societies perception and the governments deception

Common sense now carries less value than dollars and cents
And talk became to cheap for food for thought to be an exception
The fine print on his birth certificate went unmentioned
His silence will remain quiet
And in the public eye, his mouth is what initiates the riot
His ears only channel in his fears
While the slightest touch of doubt appears

Whenever his surroundings become unclear
Its damn near impossible for him to overcome these obstacles
Attached with a lack of faith
Death seems so close and he hasn't seen God in days
Walking dead in the flesh in terms of his mind state
He fell victim to existing instead of living
And even though this seems like his end, this is only his beginning