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3/19/14 What You Need Wednesday's

What You Need Wednesday's 

This weeks What You Need Wednesday's featured artists/emcee's and poets are no strangers to the mic or music scene. These three all represent their own brands, one apart of MaschineLife, a powerhouse on the rise, the other artist is very well capable of wearing more than just one hat, not only a rapper but also an inspiring videographer, and the poet is continuously making a name for herself and getting her voice out to the people. All three individuals are the true definition of "Family First."

Rawston George

Most may known the Maschine Life family from artists such as John Born and Drew Tyrell or even from the heavy hitter producer Keyz Da Don, but for those just now getting hip to the Maschine Fam let me be the first to remind you that Rawston George has been around making music and handling business moves longer than your favorite producers beat catalogue. Last summer Rawson George performed with his label mate and close friend John Born, at a skatepark in Harrisburg PA, where he performed songs like "GO" and "Sun At Night"allowing his friends and music family into his world and let his music explain why he's been on a leave of absence from the the music grind for a little bit and for the first time the crowd stood in shock. The growth he achieved as an artist was one for the record books. George gained respect from his peers and gained a few new fans that night as well. Now Rawston George has released his latest song "Dying Breed" and the content matches the title. He addresses issues that he witnesses on a daily bases from those outside of his team and lets all his doubters and critics know that his 100% matches while most scream how official they are when in all reality most are just "thirty percenters." Expect to hear more music from Rawston George all year long.

Rawstone George- Dying Breed




When you hear the word under-rated what comes to mind? Many would say a person who works extremely hard, has the work to be listed with those making nose and a person getting things done by any means due to the lack of support from his or her peers. If you agree with those examples then you should understand why BP feels that way. Last year Media Traffickers International came up with the concept to help contribute to those who are fighting hard demanding Harrisburg Emcee's to be recognized and put a Star City Kings Compilation Mixtape together. BP being on of the master minds behind this project really did not want to add a song he however understood in order to help put on you have to contribute in more ways than just being the thinker. Three months later BP has released his songs video and the first official video from that compilation cd "Call It A Day". But not only did he write the song, he also edited and directed the video along side business partner and childhood friend Jamie Davis both of Media Traffickers International. This is a start of a great beginning for BP and in due time the respect that he is demanding will be the respect he deserve by his peers.

BP- Call It A Day



Sophia Fury

Having the capability to let your mind and mouth co-exist is not only an ARTORM but a GIFT FROM GOD. Painting a visual so organic is something that comes through time and experience. For these words to flow so freely, one's journey of life both spiritually and naturally demands maturely. Sophia Fury's is the true definition of that. Her journey of life in a poetic form is one full of organic feelings, but her presents and speech will not only stimulate you as a listerns mind but also climax your soul. Philadelphia is blessed to have such a demanding yet sleek voice add to the spoken word scene. 

Sophia Fury- Mary Speaks




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