Thursday, September 12, 2013

Forgotten File's: Clout

The Forgotten Files!!!!!!

West Philly Raised and Star Enterprise breed "Clout" has worked with a vast amount of producers including Brandon Lee who produced the bulk of his 2012 Project MEAN. Clout's "Forgotten Files" consist of extensive work with both MalMagik & Hitman4Hire who is responsible for the majority of the production on his 2011 project The Captivation. He has also grown into a close working relationship with engineer/producer Mashkuwr Muhammad who is the main engineer behind Clout's "MEAN" and his upcoming project entitled "Nouveau Riche" which has production from Young up and comers Skinny Mooxe & Christian Louxxe & Nathan Fresco as well as usual suspects Hitman4Hire, Brandon Lee, Mashkuwr Muhammad and a few others as well. 


Interview: Artist Profile
Directed By: Fun Zach Films

Video: High End
Directed By: Fun Zach Films 
Produced By: Brandon Lee

Video: Get Around Featuring Pate
Directed By: Fun Zach Films
Produced By: Brandon Lee

Video: "Star Enterprise" Aristocrat Muzik
Directed By:EdGetBread
Produced By: HitMan4Hire

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